Understanding How Payment Gateways Work

Posted by Meredith on 03-Sep-2018 16:20:00

If your business accepts online bookings, you are probably using a payment gateway to process the transactions, or maybe you are reviewing options to begin accepting bookings online. These systems can seem confusing from the outside, with a number of providers involved. Every online business needs a safe and secure payment system, but there are so many payment gateways available. 

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5 SEO Tips to help your attraction or tour be found online

Posted by Meredith on 27-Aug-2018 16:50:00

You’ve built your new website and installed your booking engine and have launched it into the world. Maybe a week or two passes by and no bookings have come through. Everything is there, so why aren’t people visiting your site?

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How To Attend A Tourism Trade Show

Posted by Meredith on 29-Jun-2018 01:01:55

Tourism trade shows are a brilliant opportunity to immerse yourself in the industry, share your brand and network with similar companies, both domestically and overseas. These events can be used to promote your product and get in idea on how your product and brand sit within the marketplace. Here's our top 5 tips on navigating your way through these events and towards success.

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How To Work with Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

Posted by Meredith on 11-Jun-2018 23:30:18

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) have grown exponentially and now organise travel bookings for increasing numbers of customers as it provides simplicity in the process. Linking up with transportation, accommodation, tours and attractions, OTA’s have the ability to provide substantial exposure for your business across the world to link with the traveller seeking the experience. If you want to broaden your market and distribute internationally, here is some key information about OTA’s and how to work with them.

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How To Run A Marketing Campaign

Posted by Meredith on 29-May-2018 00:54:08


Too often we hear about how many tourism businesses are too busy running the business to actually spend time in the business. Marketing is an important part of the business as it is what often brings your clients to you. It’s always a good idea to put together a plan on what needs to be done in order to attract those valuable in-destination clients.

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How to set nett rates

Posted by Meredith on 24-May-2018 18:48:12


If you are a travel industry supplier or product and have ever wanted to break into working with distribution, if you have spoken to your relevant state/regional tourism office on how to do this, they will always ask “do you offer nett rates?” If you always answered ‘no’ as you didn’t know what they are or who to set them, then this is the article for you.

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3 tips for attracting Chinese travelling millennials

Posted by Meredith on 14-May-2018 17:38:00


With the latest figures coming out from Tourism Research Australia, show that in February there was 226,900 arrivals from China that was a 58.2% YOY change. It's pretty impressive growth, however if you are a tourism product that works heavily in this market and have done so for many years, it's time to review your strategy as the travelling Chinese millennial's are on the rise. Here are 3 tips for attracting the travelling Chinese millennial by Andrea Hoymann, Marketing Director at Sinorbis*.

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10 Things You Need To Know About GDPR

Posted by Meredith on 07-May-2018 17:38:00

There is SO MUCH information floating around about the GDPR as the deadline is looming, so we asked our friends at Tactic Lab to summarise it into a something that we all can understand. Digital analytics expert, Aisling Wallace says these are the 10 things you need to know about GDPR for now:

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5 reasons to why reviewing your sales mix is paramount to your business.

Posted by Meredith on 02-Apr-2018 21:52:36


Why is it important to review your sales mix? Here are 5 reasons why this should be reviewed on a regular basis to protect your business.

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Welcome to the Low Season. Ready. Set. Report!

Posted by Renee Welsh on 19-Mar-2018 17:06:00

Welcome to the low season. It’s time to dust off those 2017 strategies, review results and start preparing for the next 12 months

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