The eCommerce series: Understanding Payment Gateways

Posted by Meredith on 22-Jan-2019 04:23:00

We have covered the the "why" you need to sell online and also how to choose and set up a booking system, now we need to look at how to take payments online. 

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Quick changes to increase your sales over the holiday season!

Posted by Meredith on 18-Dec-2018 05:45:00

While Christmas is just around the corner, the holiday season lasts for quite a few weeks afterwards. It's not too late to gear up your efforts to increase sales over the holiday season.

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4 practical tips to get your tour or activity ready for the holiday season

Posted by Meredith on 20-Nov-2018 13:47:37

Tour operators, prepare your battle stations; the busiest time of year is fast approaching! 

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How to motivate your staff in the lead up to the high season

Posted by Meredith on 06-Nov-2018 11:43:25

The countdown to the Silly Season is on, with preparations needed to ensure a busy (yet managed) period for your business. 

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Understanding PCI Compliance for Attractions and Tour Operators

Posted by Meredith on 09-Oct-2018 11:48:15

Would you believe us if we told you PCI compliance can elevate your business’ online trustworthiness and grow your direct bookings?

Though it sounds boring, there is truth to it! Hear us out...

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Understanding How Payment Gateways Work

Posted by Meredith on 04-Sep-2018 07:20:00

If your business accepts online bookings, you are probably using a payment gateway to process the transactions, or maybe you are reviewing options to begin accepting bookings online. These systems can seem confusing from the outside, with a number of providers involved. Every online business needs a safe and secure payment system, but there are so many payment gateways available. 

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5 SEO Tips to help your attraction or tour be found online

Posted by Meredith on 28-Aug-2018 07:50:00

You’ve built your new website and installed your booking engine and have launched it into the world. Maybe a week or two passes by and no bookings have come through. Everything is there, so why aren’t people visiting your site?

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How to Attract More Bookings for Father's Day

Posted by Meredith on 14-Aug-2018 14:59:00

A gift that is used once and never again is often considered to not have been wanted. But experiential gifts managed to reverse that idea, providing the recipient an opportunity to explore, relax, learn, discover or experience what your tour or attraction offers.

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How to build a GREAT workplace culture!

Posted by Meredith on 07-Aug-2018 11:42:30

Mounting evidence continues to show that workplace culture is pivotal in a business’ success. Beyond the purpose of the business, you want workers to have a shared dedication, allowing them to contribute meaningfully to a business that cares. Following dedicated staff, the outcome of their work should increase, it’s a win-win.

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Five Tips for attracting US visitors

Posted by Meredith on 13-Jul-2018 14:00:00

The US are Australia's top 5 inbound market for visitor arrivals, ranking third largest market for visitor spending and fourth for length of stay.  Currently in their peak travel season, here are some tips to attract US visitors.

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