The 15 Stages of attending the Australia Tourism Exchange (ATE)

Posted by Meredith on 09-Apr-2018 20:55:04

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ATE - it rolls around each and every year and every year it feels like Groundhog Day. Didn't we just get back from last year?Here are the 15 stages we all go through each and every year we attend. Enjoy!

Stage 1: Really? I am applying for this again? Didn’t we just get back?








Stage 2: Book all the appointments! Message all the people!!!

Stage 3: Booking flights, booking hotels and paying invoices

Stage 4: Packing. Always packing - why do I pay rent on a place I am never home for?







Stage 5: Setting up the stand - making it purrrty.

Stage 6: Sussing out which stand has the best coffee and food.









Stage 7: Appointment after appointment after appointment









Stage 8: Function after function after function







Stage 9: If you're an ATE Veteran - knowing when to leave the After Party







Stage 10: Day 4 - Appointment number 284,456 asking yourself "Have I already said that and did I just have an out of body experience?"







Stage 11 - FAREWELL PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Stage 12 - Waking up the next day asking yourself the question "why am I on such an early flight?"







Stage 13: Getting yourself to the Airport.

Stage 14: Famil time! Getting to showcase and experience some of the most spectacular places Australia has to offer.

Stage 15: Home. Time to rest...oh hang on, there is just a little follow up to do.












 Now - repeat








HAPPY ATE! See you there.


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