New features simplify nett rate settings in Booking Boss platform

Posted by Renee Welsh on 15-May-2016 20:44:03

New features for nett rate settings will help operators

Sydney, Australia: Nett rate setting for tour, activity and attraction operators is now simple like it should be.

Online booking system Booking Boss has implemented a new feature into their easy-to-use platform that enables operators to set a nett rate percentage for a distributor.

Once the percentage has been entered into the system, it will be applied automatically across all products.

“The new feature also gives you the ability to drill down to a more granular level if you want to contract different nett rates for different products, or even ticket type,” says Meredith Baxter, Booking Boss’ Sales and Marketing manager.

“The beauty of the new feature is that it reduces the risk of human error as there’s no need to do calculations anymore.”

The new feature also assists operators complete rates and contracting. Instead of loading new rates for every new year, they just need to adjust the ticket price and the nett rate feature will figure out the percentage for you.

“It’s a staggering time-saver for anyone who’s done this before,” says Meredith.

Other updates to the platform are pushing it further into transitioning towards a centralised hub for everything a tour, activity or attraction business needs. Now, all the relevant contact details, product manager’s name, email, phone number etc are stored within Booking Boss.

“There’s no need to have it all on a spreadsheet anymore, it’s all on the platform,” says Meredith.

“We’re not a full CRM yet, but at our customer’s request we’re heading that way.”

Media enquiries contact:
Booking Boss Sales and Marketing manager
Meredith Baxter
02 8788 9199

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