If you were a superhero...

Posted by Renee Welsh on 07-Aug-2013 05:07:41

If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?


This is a question I ask whenever I am interviewing people and it always catches them off guard. I love it, never has there been a question that provides so much insight into a persons ideals, values and vision.

I have so many varied responses and they often surprise me.

Superman – man of steel is a common one but the thing that changes the response is why they have chosen that particular superhero.

Who would I be?
Wonder Woman

She is a warrior princess; she fights for justice, love, peace and sexual equality. She is strong, attractive and intelligent. She is self-sufficient, ambitious and never gives up even if she is getting her arse kicked. Most of all she always prevails in the end.

We have a Wonder Woman, Phoenix, Batman, Punisher, Superman and Robin in our office.

Who would you be?

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