Case study: Find out how Ocean Eco Adventures increased their online bookings with one simple decision

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For Ocean Eco Adventures managing their bookings was a nightmare.

The boutique cruise company used to take all bookings by phone or email and recorded them in a paper diary. This method wasn’t only time consuming and tedious, it also often led to human error. But for this small business these problems no longer exist.

Discover how implementing Booking Boss:

  • Increased their bookings
  • Streamlined their processes
  • And rid their office manager’s unnecessary headaches

About Ocean Eco Adventures

Ocean Eco Adventures is a boutique cruise company specialising in marine eco_ocean_adventures_logo.pnginteraction cruises in the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef Marine Park of Western Australia. With over 500 species of fish and 200 species of coral featuring whale sharks, humpback whales, turtles, dolphins and manta rays, they get a lot of visitors throughout the year. The small business has been operating for about 20 years and was handed over to new owners in March 2015.

Meet Elisa

Elisa is the office manager at Ocean Eco Adventures. But as is the case in most small businesses, Elisa wears many hats including; shopkeeper, admin assistant, marketing helper, manifesto creator, secretary, receptionist and the list goes on.

While Elisa loves her job, she felt that many of her day-to-day tasks were unnecessarily complicated and kept her from doing more valuable work for the business.

  • Ocean Eco Adventures’ booking process was “old school” - they were working from a physical diary. This left a lot of room for human error and confusion.
  • There was no way for travellers to book online, they were losing out on potential sales by only taking bookings via phone and email.
  • Agents and distributors could only use phone and email to enquire about availability - which was a tedious and time consuming task for Elisa to respond to, and even more frustrating for agents trying to book then and there.
  • For any bookings made by phone or email Elisa would create a ticket in Word, turn it into a PDF and then manually send a confirmation email with the ticket to the client.
  • Manifestos required by law, for up to 3 voyages per day, were manually created in Excel and could take hours due to Elisa’s many other tasks.
  • Even more frustrating, there was no way to run reports to see where the sales were coming from.

When the new owners took over and Elisa came aboard she quickly discovered the previous owner’s outdated manual processes had to be replaced with a more efficient and less manual system.

The Results

After a recommendation Ocean Eco Adventures onboarded Booking Boss in July 2015.

"Everything is brilliantly different”, according to Elisa.

This is what’s happened in a few months:

  • All of the bookings are in the one place, neatly organised and transparent to those with access to the system.
  • The administration hassle is gone, leaving Elisa and the team to do what really matters - get people into the water.
  • Stress levels are down and processes are streamlined - manifests are created instantly with the click of a button. No human error or wasted time with manual spreadsheets.
  • Booking confirmations are instant and come with a uniquely generated ticket attached. 
  • Accounts have access to the data they need to invoice agents accurately and quickly, getting money in the bank faster than ever before.
  • There’s been an increase in customer bookings and after a recent image from the tour company went viral, Elisa noticed a spike in online bookings from overseas customers.  
  • Availability is viewable online. Even the skipper logs on - without Elisa’s help - to block out dates in the online availability calendar.

Elisa’s final thoughts

“Booking Boss is great and I would definitely recommend it. You can tailor the platform to your own company’s needs. It saves you so much time and has all of the resources you need in just  one system.

We find it incredibly user-friendly for both us and the customer. And the service provided by the Booking Boss team is impeccable and personal - they always remember you.

It’s made an incredible difference to our business.”

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