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"I wanted to take the opportunity of thanking Booking Boss for the fabulous interface which has greatly improved the effectiveness of how customers can book into our classes and events. Booking Boss has greatly reduced costs and man hours and made it a lot more efficient and user friendly for customers to navigate their way to a solution when booking classes via our website."

"With a lot of businesses there is a good proposition in place or that has many merits upon initial engagement. The outstanding difference with Booking Boss is the customer service that is provided and the care and attention given to ensure a challenge is rectified or a solution is provided in real time. I feel that you buy a product but the real benefit is the service and attention provided. Booking Boss have been able to add extra value and services to my business such as personalised website advise and updates as well as quick turnarounds where deadlines are in place. Renee and the team ensure they understand our business. We feel real care from Booking Boss and would strongly recommend them to any business needing a highly effective booking solution with real time service." Ben Farley, Owner BBQ School


3 March 2015

Booking Boss is an online booking system for tour operators and attraction providers. Trusted by many in the tourism industry, Booking Boss is about getting you out of the spreadsheets and into the sun. We provide free education resources for operators like you, to make your business the best it can possibly be.

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