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Posted by Renee Welsh on 15-Jan-2014 09:29:06


A company’s values – what it stands for – what its people believe in – are crucial to its competitive success. Indeed values drive the business.’ – Robert Haas, Chairman and CEO Levi Stauss.

I share Robert’s sentiment, values are crucial and to support this for our business our entire team were invited to participate in a values workshop we held recently. The purpose of this was for our team to be part of creating our company’s core values – I was excited and a little nervous. What if I didn’t like my own companies core values!

Values are energising, motivating and inspiring, they determine what is right and wrong for us and how we judge good and bad. For our company they also drive behaviour.

Here are our company values:

We are committed to pushing the boundaries through fresh thinking, never settling for ordinary and always challenging ourselves to exceed expectations.

Be courageous in the face of challenges and do what needs to be done.

We value sincerity, trust and openness through all of our communication. Enough said.

We embrace crazy ideas and bring them to life to make the world rock with us. We know no limits and always aim for the stars.

It's hard to explain, It’s the excitement we give our customers, the thrill they give theirs and the laughter and fun we have together.

Hopefully these give you some inspiration to create your own company values :)


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